General Insurance

Safeguarding the financial security of your loved ones

Ensure that you cover all basis for you and your loved ones so that you are ever prepared for life’s challenges.

House Owner Insurance

Minimize the hurt of your loved ones from the pain of losing their homes with House Owner Insurance.

Alliance Home Protector

Protecting what is in and out of your home is vital to us and with the Alliance Home Protector plan we can do just that

Home Assure

Comprehensive and affordable coverage for your belonging is ensured with the Home Assure plan. Rest easy knowing that we have you covered for any unforeseen circumstances.

Comprehensive Motor Assurance

Insure your vehicle in case of any incidents and vehicle repairs and drive stress-free on the roads

Alliance Travel Protector

Enjoy stress-free holidays with Alliance Travel Protector and we will have your back and look after you should any mishaps occur.

Alliance Passenger Assure

Depart your destination with a peace of mind with this plan catered to oversee your medical expenses should you have an accident. This place also covers the medical expenses of your passengers as well.

Alliance Premier Protector

Protect yourself and ease the burden on your family against life’s uncertainties with this special plan crafted for everyday incidents.

Alliance Senior Protector

Remain stress-free during your silver years as we look after your medical expenses. As you enter old age, keep your kids’ minds easy and enjoy time together with those you cherish

Alliance Safe Assure

A safety deposit box only gets safer with the Alliance Safe Assure plan. We ensure that any items you store inside your deposit box is insured should its contents be stolen or damaged.

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Alliance One Account

Pay less every month, save on total financing cost and have more cash in hand by consolidating your loans with Alliance ONE Account


Alliance SavePlus Account

Why lock your money in Fixed Deposit when your Current Account gives you up to 3%p.a. interest rate with zero transaction fees!
Open an Alliance SavePlus Account instantly and conveniently with us.