Business Financing-i

We all need a helping hand some times. You can count on Alliance Bank to give you the full support you need.

Equipment Financing-i

Take your business further, the right equipment with the right financing will enable your business to soar.

Competitive rates, minimal administrative and documentation costs and fast turnaround time.

General Working Capital-i

Our offerings provide funds for running your business, such as purchasing of stock, managing overheads and other business activities, in order to fulfill your working capital needs

Business Premises Financing-i

We have a wide range of financing facilities to finance commercial properties or refinance existing properties. We offer flexible financing tenures and high financing margins.

Bridging Finance-i

We offer bridging financing/facility which helps to bridge cashflow issues. A bridging financing helps to bridge developers’ cashflow during construction and pending receipt of sales proceeds from end-purchasers and their end-financiers. This is also to ensure the continuation of the development project till completion.

Palm Oil Plantation Financing-i

A tailor-made product to finance all the needs for an oil palm plantation business from purchase of land and development cost to working capital needs.

Government Assistance Schemes-i

Special funds and financing schemes from the Government for SMEs.

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