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Forgot to withdraw cash?
Use Alliance Bank eDebit as an alternative way to pay

More convenience with Alliance Bank eDebit

There may be an occasion where somehow you did not manage to get to an Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) to make a withdrawal. Or it may be that you saw that particular thing you wish to buy and it may not be convenient to go to an ATM.

With your Alliance Bank ATM/Debit card (“card”), you will be able to make that purchase using eDebit as long as you see the following logos:

If the merchant accepts eDebit payments, you just need to insert your ATM/Debit card at the merchant terminal, key-in your PIN and receive your receipt once the transaction is done. Your deposit account which is tied to your card will be debited by the same transaction amount. Always check your receipt to ensure the amount is correct.

eDebit offers the following features:

  1. Safe and secure
  2. It allows you to track your spending effectively
  3. Can be used for online payments at numerous participating retailers and outlets nationwide
  4. Convenient since you do not need to carry as much cash and coins
  5. No transaction fees

Important TIP

  1. Always ensure your PIN is safe and secure. Do not divulge your PIN to anyone else or have it written or stored anywhere.
  2. Ensure that your transaction amount is what it is supposed to be.
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