Debit Cards-i

Debit Done Better

Discover how dynamic your debit can be with the right card. Be spoilt for choice with irresistible rebates when you pick the perfect one that comes with all the right perks.

Alliance Hybrid Standard Debit Card-i

Enjoy up to 1% cash back on all your spending, with a cap of RM50 a month.

Alliance Hybrid AP Platinum Debit Card-i

Save more when you spend with 1.5% cash back, with a cap of RM100 a month.

Alliance Hybrid PB Platinum Debit Card-i

Maximise your returns on spending with 2% cash back on all your expenses, with a cap of RM200 a month.

Alliance My eSaving Debit Card-i

Get more out of your savings the smart way and a card that keeps you connected.

Alliance Junior Debit Card-i

Saves tons of trouble and effort for you and your kid.

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Alliance One Account

Pay less every month, save on total financing cost and have more cash in hand by consolidating your loans with Alliance ONE Account


Alliance SavePlus Account-i

We help you to grow your deposits for your benefits.

Open an Alliance SavePlus Account-i instantly and conveniently with us.