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About BizSmart
 About BizSmart
Alliance BizSmart Online Banking

This advanced online banking service is protected by world-class security features and designed to provide optimal efficiency so you can spend less time on business banking transactions and more time on taking your business to even greater heights.
Enjoy new features and benefits such as :


Provide same day value for your online transactions

We have increase the frequency of the processing cycle to four times a day so that you have more flexibility on when you can process your payment file.


More control of your company’s online banking facilities

System Administrator and System Authoriser will be able to assign specific access rights for key personnel of the company to enable them to conduct their job more efficiently.

Pre-configure frequent payments

If you make frequent payments to certain accounts, register them as favourite payees to shorten the payment process.


Ease of conducting company’s payroll and bulk payment

You can use simple Microsoft Excel or text format to upload bulk payment or company payroll details. No investment needed to enhance your existing system. It is also easy to reconcile as the total amount debited from the account will be as per the total amount uploaded and approved.

Easy account reconciliation

Provides proof of payment once your transaction is successfully transmitted to the Bank.


Provide you with the full suite of Payroll facilities

It allows your company to upload payment file to KWSP, SOCSO and LHDN so that you do not need to make the payment individually to the respective statutory bodies.

Best in class online security features

All transactions are encrypted with the latest 128bit key encryption. Each transaction is digitally signed and a unique security token is given to the  authoriser of your company. This security solution addresses concerns of Phishing, Key Logging, Shoulder Surfing and mitigates Man in the Middle breaches. A security solution that provides you and your company the peace of mind that you truly deserve.