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Buying online is better when paying is fast

and secure

Alliance Bank simplifies online payment with Visa Checkout

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Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that can make online payment as fun and easy as online shopping.

You can now shop with your tablet or smartphone, or at home with your computer without re-entering your card number and shipping details everytime you shop online where Visa Checkout is accepted.

Visa Checkout Simpl
Add Alliance Bank Visa Credit
Card to enroll. Then pay with 
Visa Checkout - it's easy to spot!
Visa Checkout Fast
Skip typing in your card and shopping info every time. Just
use your Visa 
Checkout login to
pay and that's it.
Visa Checkout Secure
Shop worry-free. Your info is stored behind multiple layers of security.
Using Visa Checkout is a snap
Just enter your info once.
Then simply:

1. Look for the Visa Checkout button

Visa Checkout Button

2. Enter your email and password

3. Confirm your purchase

It's really that easy, so why not enroll now?

Visa Checkout Enroll Now