Unit Trust
Take the hassle out of investing with Unit Trusts. These collective investments are managed by professional fund managers to allow individual investors like you to pool money with other like-minded individuals to meet your investment goals and needs with ease.

Choose unit trusts from our below partners:
  1. AmFunds Management Berhad
  2. CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad
  3. Eastspring Investments Management Berhad
  4. Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad
  5. RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd
  6. UOB Asset Management (Malaysia) Berhad


  • Diversification, and the benefits of spreading risks over a wide variety of investments. Think of it as “not putting all your eggs in one basket”.
  • Professional Fund Management, where well-trained investment professionals manage your investment based on constant fundamental research, analytical tools and experience.
  • Liquidity, where you can quickly convert your investment to cash on any business day, should you need it urgently.
  • Hassle-free way of investing for the future, without having to spend time researching and analysing markets on your own.
  • Affordable investments from as low as RM1,000. These investments can potentially yield the same benefits as those of high-priced securities.


  • Fund Manager's Risk - Investors will rely on the expertise of the Fund Manager to make informed decisions on the selection of securities. Therefore the performance of the Fund is highly dependent on the investment decision undertaken by the Fund Manager
  • Market Risk - Adverse market conditions at home or abroad such as interest rates, exchange rates and regulatory factors can potentially cause security prices to fall.
  • Inflation Risk - A general increase in consumer prices will erode your returns.
  • Liquidity Risk - Should a security become illiquid, it may be sold at a discount, thus lowering the value of your investment.
  • Currency or Foreign Exchange Risk - If investment is denominated in foreign currencies, any unfavourable fluctuations against the MYR will incur losses.
  • Credit/Default and Counterparty Risk - When the company defaults or a counterparty is unwilling to meet its financial obligations towards the Fund, the Fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) will be adversely affected.
  • Interest Rate Risk - Securities like bonds with longer maturities are more sensitive to interest rate changes and therefore more at risk in bond pricing fluctuations.
  • Country Risk - When investment is made in foreign markets, the fund will be exposed to risks specific to the country in question such as social and political stability.


Money Market Funds Consist of short-term securities like deposit certificates, government securities and commercial paper 
Suitable for those who
  • have a short-term investment horizon
  • have low risk tolerance
  • seek to preserve their capital
  • aim to earn higher returns than prevailing FD rate
Fixed Income Funds Invested primarily into bonds and other debt instruments issued by companies and/or governments
Suitable for those who
  • have a short to medium-term investment horizon
  • have low to moderate risk tolerance
  • seek regular income distribution and preserve their capital
  • aim to earn higher returns than prevailing FD rate
Balanced Funds Essentially equities, bonds and short-term instruments combined into a single portfolio to limit risks and reduce fluctuations
Suitable for those who
  • have a medium to long-term investment horizon
  • have moderate risk tolerance
  • seek regular income and capital growth from their investment
Equity Funds Funds that invest in the stocks of various types of companies and these stocks can be listed in Malaysia or globally
Suitable for those who
  • have a medium to long-term investment horizon/li>
  • have high risk tolerance/li>
  • seek capital growth by participating in specialised equity markets
  • seek portfolio diversification
Unitized Structured Funds Pre-packaged investment strategies based on derivatives and these funds can be principal or non-principal protected
Suitable for those who
  • have a medium to long-term investment horizon
  • have low to moderate risk tolerance
  • seek to meet specific investments that cannot be met from standardised financial instruments available in the markets


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