Structured Investment
Structured Investments are essentially investments linked to the performance of the underlying reference asset like equity, indices, interest rate, commodity, currency, credit or a basket which could help you earn potentially higher returns. This investment can be customized to meet different needs at different times to help you capture the opportunities in various market conditions.


  • Protentially higher returns than traditional fixed deposits
  • No sales charge or annual management fee


  • Credit Risk arises should Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad defaults and become unable to perform its payment obligation to you when it is due.
  • Market Risk occurs when the investment value is affected by changes in interest rates, foreign exchange rates, equity prices etc.
  • Liquidity Risk happens when you are unable to sell your investment or may have to sell it at a great loss.


Structured Investments are suitable for those who

  • have a view on the underlying reference asset
  • have medium to long-term investment horizon
  • want to gain access to the underlying reference asset


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