Retail Bond
Like IOUs, Retail Bonds are essentially bonds or debt securities issued by companies or the government to raise funds. It is the promise from the issuer to pay the bondholder, periodic interest payments (coupons) with the promise of returning the face amount upon maturity.


  • regular coupon payouts for those seeking consistent income
  • potentially higher returns than traditional fixed deposits
  • no sales charge or annual management fee


  • Credit Risk arises when the issuer defaults and is unable to perform its payment obligation to you when it is due.
  • Interest Rate Risk occurs during periods of high interest rates as the price of bonds will fall.
  • Liquidity Risk happens when you are unable to sell your investment or may have to sell it at a great loss.


Retail Bonds are suitable for those who
  • want a regular payout or consistent income
  • have medium to long-term investment horizon
  • seek investment diversification



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