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 Conventional Home Loan
  • A no-frills basic conventional home financing
  • RM50 charged for each redrawal
  • Setup fees of RM200 for Conventional Home Loans with redraw facility
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Excess payments made will generate interest savings
  • Redraw option to reuse your excess payments made when you need it
Features Terms
Interest rate As low as BR +0.55%
  For OD facility, BR +1.85%
Tenure Up to 35 years / 70 years of age
Age requirement 21 years old and above
Margin of Financing Up to 90% + 5% Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance and/or Financed Entry Cost
  Max MOF 70% Overdraft facilities
Financing type
• Completed or under-construction property
• Subsale
• Top up borrowing
• Refinancing from another bank with or without cashout
• Unencumbered property financing

* Terms and Conditions apply to the above. The features are subject to changes from time to time as deemed required by the bank.
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