Fixed Deposits
 Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits with an attractive interest rates. Enjoy the security of fixed and higher returns.


  • Attractive interest rates
  • Flexible tenure of placement from 1 to 60 months
  • allianceonline banking services

Terms & Conditions apply


Eligible for protection by PIDM
. View PIDM brochure in your preferred language here.

  • Individuals aged 18 and above
  • Individuals below 18 years old, accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietor, societies, associations, clubs, government bodies and trustees
  • Minimum placement amount of:
        1. RM5,000 for 1 month tenure
        2. RM500 for tenures above 1 month

Tenure (Months) Counter Rate (% p.a.) 2nd Tier Rate* (% p.a.)
(for Individual)
2nd Tier Rate (% p.a.)
(for non Individual)
1 - 2
 2.95  2.95
3 - 5
 3.00  3.00
6 - 11
 3.05  3.05
 3.10  3.10
> 12
 3.10  3.10
Above 24 months
Negotiable Negotiable
Effective date: 21 July 2014

* Note: 2nd Tier rate is applicable to: (1). Non-resident individuals, (2). Non-individual entities, like SME or Corporations or Business Enterprises who make a FD placement above RM1.0 million. Otherwise, counter rate applies.

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