Corporate Responsibility
 Making a Great Workplace
The Alliance Bank family is the most valuable asset that continues to drive its success. We are committed to remain as an employer of choice by providing a safe, healthy, and conducive working environment for our employees, while making a concerted effort to develop our employees and nurture talent within the Bank.

Human capital investment is a strategic and integral part of the Bank’s policies, financial commitment, and business framework. Its development is critical to our goal of being Malaysia’s Best Customer Service Bank.

We continue to invest in training and development programmes that are aligned to the Bank’s business objectives, as well as to enhance our employees’ career development and professional growth. We also participate In compensation surveys to ensure that we are competitive in the industry, as well as engage our employees in open two-way communication via multiple channels to seek views and feedback.

In recognition of the Bank’s efforts to create a Great Place to Work, the Bank was recognised as one of Malaysia’s Top 100 Leading Graduate Employees, and was listed as one of the Top 100 Public Listed Companies in the 2011 Malaysia Corporate Governance Index.

Making a Great Workplace

Developing a Champion Team

The Bank has a Talent Management Framework that provides employees with comprehensive training programmes, skill enhancement opportunities, and career development options.

In 2012, the Management Development Programme was launched to groom young talents to take on future leadership roles. This six-month structured leadership programme to equip participants with essential skills to become managers included customized classroom and business simulation sessions, as well as hands-on experience in special projects that were of top-priority to the Bank. Participants were also paired with mentors from the senior management team to enhance their learning experience.

Listening to Each Individual

The Group Chief Executive Officer and his senior management team have scheduled Pulse Lunches with employees from different departments to help employees understand the importance of their roles to the Bank and its strategies. More importantly, these lunches are a platform of communication between senior management and employees to foster two-way communication, share feedback, and encourage employees to share ideas.

Employee Townhalls are also organised annually for all employees, where the senior management team are given an opportunity to share business updates, and for employees to discuss their concerns and suggestions about improving the organisation.

An Employee Engagement survey is also conducted annually to seek employees’ views and feedback on how the Bank can enhance its employee value proposition. The feedback is collected by an independent consultant, and studied by the Bank to draw strategies to create a more conducive workplace and address areas of employees’ concern. An email ID was also set up specificially to solicit ideas and suggestions from employees to find ways to further improve - this is accessed by the Group Chief Executive Officer, and is managed by one of his key staff members.

Making a Great Workplace

A Helping Hand

The Bank’s employees frequently respond admirably to help their colleagues in distress via a staff-help-staff programme. In December 2011, employees pitched in to help a fellow colleague tide over a series of family and personal misfortunes.