Home Assure is a plan underwritten by Multi-Purpose Holdings Bhd that helps insure the content of your home against perils such as fire and burglary. It provides you with an all risk cover and more to give you peace of mind.


Protection on your home contents against loss resulting from fire and named perils.

Key benefits:

  • Hassle Free Cover - no declaration of contents covered required
  • Pays on Replacement of Value - new for old. Pays for loss or damage to your contents on replacement value basis
  • Emergency Fund - lump sum payment to you in the event your property is burnt down completely
  • Medical Expenses - reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred as a result of fire or theft
  • Replacement of Locks - reimbursement of the expenses incurred to replace your locks and doors of your property as a result of damages caused by an insured peril
  • Alternative Accommodation - takes care of your accommodation should your property be unsuitable to live in because of damages due to insured perils
  • Affordable Premium - get high coverage at a very affordable premium


Summary: In the likelihood of the contents of your home being stolen or damaged the Home Assure plan ensures that you are protected against any financial loss.


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