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 Government Assistance Scheme
In line with government’s various initiatives to support the development of SMEs in the country, Alliance Bank also provides several government assistance schemes to SMEs such as yourself.

Auto Funds Transfer Service

Flexi Guarantee Scheme is a guarantee scheme administered by Credit Guarantee Corporation, to provide guarantee for loans granted under FSMI2 or NEF2 funds.

Note: FSMI2 (Fund for Small Medium Industry2) and NEF (New Entrepreneur Fund2) are special funds from BNM.


Applications under the FSMI2 or NEF2 funds are eligible for low pricing which is charged according to the BNM Funding Rate.

Terms & Conditions for FSMI2 | Terms & Conditions for NEF2

Working Capital Guarantee Scheme is introduced by the Government (administered by Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayan Perniagaan(SJPP)) to support viable businesses amid the current challenging economic environment and to promote investments in areas that increase productivity.


For an SME who is eligible under the scheme but lack of collateral, SJPP will provide guarantee to the SME to gain access to financing.

Terms & Conditions for WCGS2

Credit Enhancer scheme or Enhancer is a guarantee scheme established by Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC) to assist entrepreneurs who have viable business but lack the collateral to obtain the required financing amount from Financial Institutions.


For customer eligible under the scheme, CGC will provide guarantee up to 90% of the loan size.

Terms & Conditions for ENHANCER / ENHANCER-i

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