Corporate Responsibility
 Giving Back to the Community
The Bank gives back to the community in a variety of ways, dedicating resources to local communities, promote education initiatives, and promote education initiatives.

More importantly, the Bank dedicates its resources to give back to the community in the best way it knows how – by extending its knowledge, skills, and expertise as a financial institution to the community via unique Corporate Responsibility programmes.
Financial Literacy
As financial management becomes increasingly important, Financial Literacy is the main focus of the Bank, and is now a main pillar of its Corporate Responsibility strategy.

In 2012, the Bank launched an exciting Financial Literacy programme for young students in schools called the Money & Math Challenge. The Challenge aimed to teach young Malaysian children at an early age about how money really works, and equip them with basic money-management skills and habits such as saving regularly and spending wisely. This is so that the children will grow up to become financially-responsible adults when they grow up to avoid the problems due to bad money-management habits that we see in many young adults today.

The Bank also supports nation-wide initiatives for schools, organised by local government and non-government agencies. For example, the Bank participated in Bank Negara Malaysia’s 2011 Annual Financial Education Workshops for Teachers and School Children - Alliance Bank employees in Johor Bahru organised a financial education workshop for 35 teachers at the Taman Molek branch.

Community Development


The Bank fully supports Zakat contribution through Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad, which carefully selects Shariah-compliant and charitable causes that fit Zakat criteria. The contributions are channelled to schools, higher education institutions, and healthcare centres and homes for the underprivileged.

Alliance Islamic Bank donates Zakat funds to cover the cost of dialysis for kidney patients who cannot afford such treatments – the treatments were channelled through a specialist dialysis centre on behalf of Alliance Islamic Bank.

Alliance Islamic Bank employees also often take the time to serve as volunteers at organisations supported by the Bank by lending a helping hand or bringing festive cheer to those living in underprivileged homes and orphanages.

Championing Equality

We continued our support for diversity and an inclusive culture.

For example, the Bank championed the advancement of women in both corporate and SME sectors by hosting a forum themed ‘Strive for Success, Live in Balance’. The event aimed to inspire women to take up the challenge to become significant contributors to Malaysia’s economic growth, covering topics such as women in power, success stories, motivation, self-alignment and lifestyle balance, as well as prudent financial management for women entrepreneurs. The forum featured women guest speakers from the SME sector, and high-ranking women in the local corporate sector.

Community Development