Corporate Responsibility
 Giving Back to the Community

In Alliance we have a strong belief in the power of giving back to the community. We encourage our staff in being a responsible member of the community by means of giving in the form of money, time and expertise.

We have dedicated our resources to help the community in the best way we know by extending our knowledge, skills, and expertise as a financial institution to the community via our unique Corporate Responsibility programmes.

Staff Kids Financial Literacy Workshop 2014

Kids Financial Literacy

On 1 November 2014, the Bank organised a Kids Financial Literacy Workshop for its staff children at its headquarters at Menara Multi-Purpose, Capital Square. Close to 100 children between the ages of 7 and 12 attended the workshop participated in the fun activities organised such as colouring activity, face painting and birthday celebrations for the month.

Since 2013, the Bank took its financial literacy education workshop for children on the road. Held in conjunction with its nationwide branch open house roadshow tour, the fun and interactive 1.5-hour Kids Financial Literacy Workshop have since brought lessons of savvy savings habit to over 18,000 Malaysian children below the age of 12. The workshop includes the fundamentals of money management such as source of income and good money saving habits, to understanding the difference between a “want” and “need” and how to budget realistically.

The Bank has adopted 330 primary and secondary schools under the BNM School Adoption Programme. Each year, the Bank produces and distributes the ‘Buku Wang Saku’ activity booklet to encourage children at its adopted schools to be prudent with their pocket money.

Throughout the years, financial literacy has remained as one of the main thrust of the Bank’s corporate responsibility programmes. In the beginning, we initiated a comic book activity sheet called “Quagmire” or “Kancah Kewangan” whereupon children could follow the adventures of Adam and his “cool clique of six” as they talked about the merits of savings and benefits of interests.

In 2012, the “Money & Math Challenge” (MMC) was created as a financial literacy initiative aimed at instilling savvy money habits in the young. The Challenge brought together over 700 students from Standards 4 and 5 from 20 selected schools across the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor to test their financial savviness. Each of these 20 schools were required to select its top three students to attend a one-day financial literacy workshop. These children were also invited to participate in an online literacy quiz challenge to qualify for the MMC Grand Finale. By the end of the Grand Finale, the team from SJK (C) Puay Chai 2 emerged the winner.

Young adults at colleges were not left behind. Upon invitation, the Bank has been conducting financial management talks on specific subjects such as wealth management and investments at local colleges and universities.

Kids Financial Literacy Workshop 2014 at Sibu Delta Mall

Participants working hard during the Kids Financial Literacy Workshop 2014 at Sibu Delta Mall

Flood Relief Fund

Recently, our nation was hit with the flood which badly affected Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Johor. There were 185,998 number of evacuees recorded for these states. Over two weeks, we had staff donate generously to the flood fund. A total amount of RM33,520 was collected and channelled to Mercy Malaysia in support of the Malaysia Flood Relief.

Proceeds were given to the MyKasih Foundation and Tan Sri Alex Athlete Education Fund 2014

Alliance Bank KL Fun Run

During the annual Alliance Bank KL Fun Run held on 22 November 2014, we managed to collect proceeds totalling to RM40,000 which was used to fund a coaching, empowerment and entrepreneurship programme called “Mengecapi Aspirasi Diri (M.A.D.)” for 36 welfare recipients. We helped the recipients to become financially independent and emotionally-liberated in order to create the life they wanted. The programme ended in mid-December 2014 in which all 36 participants managed to graduate.

Proceeds from the Alliance Bank Sabah Coastal Run 2015 were donated to the MyKasih Foundation

Alliance Bank Sabah Coastal Run 2015

Similarly, we organised the Sabah Coastal Run 2015 on 18 January 2015 and managed to raise RM50,000 for the MyKasih Foundation. The Foundation pledged to use the money to empower women from low income families in Sabah to be future start-up entrepreneurs. The Run not only brought together family and friends of more than 3,000 people from all walks of life but it was also a very rewarding opportunity for everyone with so many happy faces, young and old, as the Sabahans showed us how to really have fun staying healthy.

Determined participants of the Alliance Sabah Coastal Run 2015


The Alliance Islamic Bank (AIS) managed to fulfil its zakat obligations on 7 August 2014, during the Alliance Bank’s Networking Event held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre which consist of our business partners, customers and the media. AIS presented a total of RM5,000 and RM7,000 to a total of 11 organisations and orphanages. This included the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance and selected state-based Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association.

Accumulated funds were donated to the respective 11 organisations and orphanages to fulfil
the Alliance Islamic Bank zakat obligations for 2014

Treasure Hunt

On 27 September 2014, more than 450 of our staff gathered eagerly at the Alliance Bank Headquarters, as early as 6.00am to take part in one of the most awaited events organised by AFG Recreational & Sports Club together with the Corporate Responsibility & Event Management team.

Participants of the Alliance Bank Treasure Hunt 2014
Treasure hunters donated food to the old folks home
in Malacca

The treasure hunt promised a stress-free and fun-filled day as participants ‘hunted’ for treasure based on the given clues. The treasures were dispersed while they made their way to the final destination of 322 km to Pulai Springs Resort in Johor. Along the way, the participants dropped by an old folks home in Malacca to donate foodstuff as part of our efforts in giving back to the society.