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 Foreign Exchange

We provide support for your foreign exchange needs including hedging of your foreign currency exposure. If you are planning to trade in international markets, invest in foreign currencies or go travelling, consult us for up-to-date rates and pricing information.

Our extensive customer base enables us to quote competitive prices for:

  • Over the Counter Transactions
  • Spot Contract
  • Forward Exchange Contract
  • Foreign Currency Notes
  • Currency Options

Over the Counter Transactions
We provide over the counter (OTC) telegraphic transfers, demand drafts and currency notes through our extensive branch networking.

Spot Contract
A foreign exchange Spot Contract is the buying and selling of currency with delivery 2 trading days from the date of transaction.

Forward Exchange Contract
A Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) is an agreement to buy or sell currencies at a future date (more than 2 trading days) at a predetermined price.

An FEC can be either at premium (i.e. higher than spot rate) or at discount (lower than spot rate), depending on the interest differential between the two currencies. It is generally used to offset or hedge against future rate exposure on receivables or payables in other currencies.

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