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 Elite Cash Saver
Elite Cash Saver
Every one of us aspires for a fulfilling life, however life is full of surprises and may not turn out as you would expected.
You cannot foresee everything that may happen but you can certainly plan ahead for your financial future and financial protection. Give yourself and your family a head start to financial well-being with Elite Cash Saver. 
Elite Cash Saver is a non-participating whole life plan with limited premium payment term (up to age 60 next birthday) to help secure a better financial future.


  • 3 Affordable Plans to choose to meet your needs
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment at 3.8% of Face Amount every 2 years
  • 108% of Face Amount payable at Maturity of the plan
  • Protection for Death or Total Permanent Disability
  • Guaranteed Coverage up to age 88 years with premium payable up to age 60 years
  • 400% of Face Amount for Accidental Coverage


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