Dual Currency Investment
Want potentially higher returns than fixed deposit? Dual Currency Investment (DCI) can prove more rewarding for you. It is a short-term Currency Linked Structured Investment that offers you the flexibility of selecting

  • the currency pair of your choice
  • tenure
  • target conversion rate
for guaranteed enhanced returns upon maturity.

Here's how DCI works:
Assuming you place RM300,000 as your base currency in DCI for 30 days and choose AUD as the alternate currency. If the spot rate for AUD/MYR is 3.2500 and your target conversion rate is 3.2400, you will receive an enhanced return of 8% per annum upon maturity
Scenario 1*
AUD/MYR is 3.2450
(above target conversion rate)
You will receive your principal and enhanced return in MYR = RM300,000 + RM1,972.60
Scenario 2*
AUD/MYR is 3.2350

(below target conversion rate)
You will receive your principal in AUD (converted at the target conversion rate) and enhanced return in MYR = AUD92,592.59 + RM1,972.60

* For illustrative purposes only


  • Potentially higher returns than traditional fixed deposits
  • The flexibility of selecting base & alternate currencies, tenure and target conversion rate
  • Enhanced returns as promised
  • Short tenure of one to six weeks
  • No sales charge and annual management fee


  • Credit Risk arises should Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad default and become unable to perform its payment obligation to you when it is due.
  • Market Risk occurs when the investment value is affected by changes in interest rates, foreign exchange rates, equity prices etc.
  • Currency Risk happens when the investment currency is different from your home currency.


Suitable for those who
  • Looking for significant yield enhancement and are prepared to accept repayment of principal on maturity in the chosen alternate currency at the target conversion rate
  • Who are indifferent or comfortable holding the investment or the alternate currency
  • Who have the potential need for the alternate currency such as having school-going children abroad, overseas business interests etc.
  • Who seize the opportunity of higher interest rates to buffer against a fall in value of the holding currency


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