Share Trading & Investment Lending
 Cash Trading Account

Cash Trading Account is a product that you place 100% cash upfront in order to trade in share.

For customer who prefers to trade in share using own cash; discounted attractive brokerage offered i.e. 0.08% or RM8 whichever is higher.

Available for Malaysians

  • Individual with minimum age 21 years old, maximum 70 years old

Foreigners i.e. Singaporean will be considered

Cash Trading Account fee

Bank charges
Cash Trading Account initial cost (including documentation fee & administration fee)
RM30 once off for start up


Miscellaneous charges whenever applicable

Bank charges
Corporate Action fee: (handling fees for rights/bonus share issue/dividend etc)
a.       Subscription of rights & Conversion of Securities

b.          Take over offer

c.           Cash Dividend

d.          Execution of proxy form

RM10 (Stamp Duty)
RM10 (Service Charge) + courier charge
Any other charges i.e. debiting & crediting charges by the registrars

Redemption/Conversion Amount/Value
RM10 (Service Charge)
RM10 (Share Transfer out) + courier charge

RM2.50 and below : no charges
RM2.51 to RM100 : RM2.50
>RM100 : RM5.00

RM5 per proxy form
Share Withdrawal & handling charges for deceased account
Share withdrawal as per transfer out shares charges
Handling charges RM50
Bursa Depository processing fee RM50
Share Transfer-ln
Bursa Depository charges RM10 per counter to be absorbed (rebate to customer) subject to transfer-in of shares with minimum market value of RM3,000 per counter.
Share Transfer-Out
Bursa Depository charges RM10 per counter. Handling fees RM10 per request per counter.
Cash drawndown fee
(by Cashier's Order)
Fund transfer fee
(amount below RM10,000)
RM10 for inter-bank transfer
Fund transfer fee
(amount of RM10,000 and above)
RM20 for inter-bank transfer
Closing account fee
Statement retrieval fee
RM5 plus RM1 per page of statement if printed from branch's system (up to 3 months)
RM20 plus RM1 peer page of statement if reproduced from Saperion/Microfiche (for 3 to 12 months)
RM20 plus RM5 per document if it is obtained from branch
RM30 plus RM10 per document if it is obtained from warehouse /remote location
RM20 per set - for certification of tender form/PKK/PMS/PUKONSA/CIDB.
RM20 per set - for request for certification "Certified True Copy" for education, EPF withdrawal or application for Visa only
RM50 per set - for request for certification "Certified True Copy" for business and other purposes
Transportation/courier charges
RM7.50 for Peninsular Malaysia
RM13.50 for East Malaysia
RM16.00 for Singapore

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