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 Business Premises Financing
Business Premises Financing
Alliance Bank offers a wide range of loan facilities that provide businesses the options to finance commercial properties or even refinance existing commercial properties. A suitable commercial property financing option will provide business owners more control of their business assets and company budget. With packages that range from basic conventional loan facility to flexible loan tenure and daily rest interest loan facility, there is bound to be a loan facility that best suits the business owners.


  • Acquisition of commercial property
  • Refinancing of commercial property


  • Basic loan facility with the option of drawdown either in an overdraft, term loan or a combination of both
  • Term Loan, fixed monthly repayment to ease the monitoring of your cash flow
  • Overdraft, gives you the flexibility to reduce your loan as and when funds are available
  • Daily rest interest which helps you to save interest
  • No notice/fees conditions for excess payments and withdrawal
  • Redraw facility on excess payment, any amount, any time
  • Loan tenure up to 25 years
  • Financing up to 90% margin
  • Financing Entry Cost
  • Full flexibility under the Savelink account
Every business has different budgets, capital, plans and strategies. Alliance Bank Business Premises Financing ensures customers have the flexibility to acquire or refinance commercial properties according to business owners's needs and requirements. We believe in helping to grow our customers’ business along the way.
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